The Golden Lion

Somewhere in the silence of the Himalayas there is a sanctuary. A special place, where beings beyond the human perception live protected from the illusion which covers the world. However, when the sanctuary is attacked by the forces of illusion, Golden Lion, a young warrior in training, will need to fight and pass his final test.

Inspired by ancient Indian mythology, Golden Lion is a weekly webcomic, with a mix of adventure, humour and fantasy, the trademark of Atma Stories in storytelling.



Jesus Vignolli Brothers

Graduates in Visual Arts, David and Daniel have loved to read and make comics since their childhood in Rio de Janeiro. With experience in design, video and illustration, in 2010 they created Atma Stories to tell their own stories. Send your opinion and get in touch by twitter or facebook. Also, don’t forget to check out our other projects at Atma Stories and Friday Comics.